Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shiny Stories

A great new challenge has been dreamed up by Seshater, long-time friend to all Telarans! You’ve got the shinies, lets tell a story!

Shinies? Stories? So how does it work?

Build a short story by using the names of artifacts! You do not have to have the artifacts collected on your character. There are well over ten thousand artifact names to choose from, so your creativity has almost no borders.

The Rules
  • You must use the full artifact names (not only parts of the name)
  • You are allowed to use between 20 (min) and 50 (max) artifact names for your story
  • For each different artifact in your story, you are allowed to use 2 other words of your choice to add to the story.
  • Each sentence must at least include 2 artifact names.
  • To make things easy for us when evaluating the entries, please write your story with artifact names in square brackets, i.e. [artifact name]

A very short example:

[Volturnus] has a [Death Fetish] for [Zombie Skin] and [Undead Flesh]. [No No Stop Eating My Face] he said to [Dead Simon]. [Cold Dead Eyes] stared, while [Dead Man’s Fingers] touched his [Blue Head Feather].

Deadline for entries:

Submit your stories by posting them in this thread until 2018-03-31 (11:59 pm PDT).

The winners will be chosen in the week following, by the Lord of All Shinies himself, DeadSimon, the always opinionated CaptainCursor, and their Dwarven compatriot, Brasse.

Bonus points are offered for good stories with NO filler words – actual prepositions are among legitimate available artifacts – check the catalog yourself!

  • If winners are on RIFT Live: A selection of cool mounts will be offered for the winners from RIFT Live to choose from, including Community Snails and Tuskars.
  • If winners are on RIFT Prime: 30-day patron codes.
  • 5 random legitimate entries will also earn 30-day Patron codes!

The winning entries will be read out loud on a RIFT Livestream by Brasse, Dead Simon and CaptainCursor!

Get it? Got it? Good! Now start writing.


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