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Prime: Omega PTS Opening Soon!

RIFT PTS will soon offer a second server at shard select: Omega!
We’ve been hard at work on this project over the weekend, which will allow us to better test features and balance before sending them to Prime. The current plan is to release it on Monday, April 30th. We’ll be sure to update forums and socials when it spins up!

What’s the difference?

“Omega” runs on a Prime config and will have a test build of unreleased Prime changes on it.
“PTS” runs on a Live config with access to all Live classes/levels/abilities.

We plan to set up boost NPCs on Omega to allow characters set level and gear (unlike Live’s PTS, you can’t copy a Prime character to Omega at this time)
The main purpose of Omega is to make soul balance changes visible on the Prime configuration before publish.

It is important to mention that many of these changes will apply to both Live and Prime, where Prime is a subset of Live.
Souls on both services will benefit over time from the Omega PTS!


Updated buff stacking for numerous abilities across all callings for both passive and active buffs. Many of these were giving inappropriate bonuses due to being placed in an incorrect stacking group.

– Defiler – Unstable Transformation (Normal and Legendary)
– Druid – Resounding Blow (Legendary)
– Druid – Nature’s Edict
– Inquisitor – Perseverance (Legendary)
– Inquisitor – Radical Coalescence (Legendary)
– Mastery – Divine Favor
– Runeshaper – Rune of Castigation (Smiting Force Buff)
– Runeshaper – Seal of Vulnerability (Normal and Legendary)
– Runeshaper – Inscribe Fate (Normal and Legendary)
– Shaman – Crushing Blow (Legendary)
– Shaman – Furious Assault (Legendary)

– Archon – Illuminate (Legendary – Illuminated Earth buff)
– Arbiter – Arcane Shielding
– Arbiter – Biting Wind (Legendary)
– Arbiter – Mana Aegis
– Chloromancer – Radiant Spores (Legendary)
– Dominator – Neural Prod (Legendary)
– Elementalist – Cycle of Fury
– Elementalist – Prismatic Volley (Legendary – Prismatic Cycle buff)
– Frostkeeper – Cold Front
– Frostkeeper – Transcendent Abjuration (Legendary)
– Harbinger – Storm Slash (Legendary)
– Harbinger – Combat Mastery
– Necromancer – Soul Bond (Legendary)
– Necromancer – Death’s Ally (Damage boost for pets)
– Pyromancer – Fusillade (Legendary – Passive Cinder Burst boost)
– Warlock – Void Barrage (Legendary – Passive DoT boost)
– Warlock – Neddra’s Grasp (Legendary)

– Berserker – Primal Avatar: Tiger (Legendary – Underworld Shards buff)
– Berserker – Icy Cleave (Legendary)
– Maelstrom – Flashpoint Beacon
– Maelstrom – Hot to the Touch
– Maelstrom – Scald (Legendary)
– Dervish – Lashing Wind
– Dervish – Seismic Smash (Normal and Legendary)
– Dervish – Font of Savagery
– Dervish – Quick Breeze
– Farseer – Thread of Fate
– Farseer – Twisted Fate
– Farseer – Empower Self
– Preserver – Essence Flow
– Preserver – The Coming Storm
– Preserver – Invigorate (Normal and Legendary)
– Preserver – Vine Whip (Legendary)
– Primal Lord – Bloodletting
– Primal Lord – Paired Strikes
– Primal Lord – Circle of Life
– Primal Lord – Harmony of Life
– Primal Lord Font of Bloodlust (Normal and Legendary)
– Primal Lord – Scything Strike (Normal and Legendary)
– Primal Lord – Stingers Spines
– Primal Lord – Rip and Tear
– Titan – Titan’s Fury
– Titan – Earthquake
– Titan – Living Wall
– Vulcanist – Vorpal Salvo (Legendary)

– Assassin – Master of Poisons (Legendary)
– Marksman – Barbed Shot
– Mastery – Repetitive Strikes
– Physician – Maintenance Therapy (Legendary)
– Saboteur – Final Countdown
– Saboteur – Last Ditch Effort (Legendary)
– Saboteur – Time Bomb
– Ranger – Ace Shot (Legendary)
– Ranger – Animalism (Legendary)
– Ranger – Call: Razorbeast (Legendary)
– Tactician – Energy Alteration
– Tactician – Curative Engine

– Mastery – Precision Strikes
– Paladin – Shield of the Hero
– Paladin – A Good Defense
– Paladin – Wall of Light
– Liberator – Liberation Treatment
– Reaver – Shadow of Dread (Legendary)
– Reaver – Septic Wounds
– Tempest – Lighting Torrent (Legendary)
– Warchanter – Combat Medic
– Warchanter – Vim
– Warlord – Everything is a Weapon (Legendary)
– Warlord – Piercing Thrust
– Warlord – Sergeant’s Order (Legendary)
– Void Knight – Accord of Resilience
– Void Knight – Protective Shield


– Fixed an issue where the Justicar’s Even Justice ability would proc its legendary effects with its normal version.

– Seal of Vulnerability: Bonus Rune of Smiting damage from Legendary Seal of Vulnerability can now only be triggered by the Seal’s original caster.
– Rune of Travail: Fixed an issue where Rune of Travail, with the Powered Inscription talent, could occasionally refresh a normal Seal of Vulnerability with the legendary version.
– Rune of Travail: Fixed another issue where Rune of Travail, with the Powered Inscription talent, would refresh Seal of Pain with Seal of Vulnerability instead.
– Seal of Enhancement: Fixed a minor issue where an extra debuff effect would appear on the target momentarily when Seal of Enhancement was cast.
– Rune of Smiting – Updated the debuff tooltip from the Rune Layering talent to indicate how much damage will be done.

– Light of Redemption (Legendary) – Updated the tooltip to show the % damage reduction granted to the target


– Inner Might: Should now properly max out at one stack.

– Eldritch Armor: Fixed an issue where Bloom would consume the reactive buff.


– Scything Strike (Legendary) – Previously the tooltip of the ability was incorrectly listing the damage increase for the next ability at 50%. The damage increase is actually 15%. The tooltip has been corrected to show the actual value of the buff. This is only an update to the tooltip, no functionality of the ability has been changed.

– Vorpal Salvo (Legendary) – Updated the tooltip to show the amount of increase provided to Stroke of Brilliance.


– Reworked the behind-the-scenes setup of Resonance to cause less ability system load. This should cause no functional changes to the way Resonance works with Motifs of Bravery, Regeneration, and Tenacity.

– Bombs Away! – Fixed an issue where Bombs Away! would stop causing Detonate to grant a combo point after respawning from death.


– Fixed an issue where Warriors would have negative energy regeneration with their eternal weapon equipped and the Warchanter buff Deep Breaths active.
– Fixed an issue where the Warrior’s energy bar would bounce between 0 and 20 several times when the energy regeneration buff from their eternal weapon was applied.

– Grim Satisfaction – Removed the internal cooldown on the proc.
– Mired – Increase damage bonus to 4/8/12%. Up from 3/6/9%.

– Liberation Treatment – Updated the tooltip to show the % increase healing applied to non-Liberator healing abilities.

– Flowing Strikes: Updated the tooltip to improve clarity. Modified how Flowing Strikes and Improved Flowing Strikes works. The character will now only get a single buff, either Flowing Strikes or Improved Flowing Strikes. Improved Flowing Strikes now provides boththe crit bonus from Flowing Strikes and its previous damage boost.
– Force of Will – Now also increases crit damage of Follow Up Attacks by an additional 3/6/9%.
– Turn the Blade – Reduced the damage and healing penalty to 20%.
– Analyze Weakness – Now reduces the damage and healing penalty from Turn the Blade to 15/10% for Paragon abilities.
– Weapon Master – Now also reduces the cooldown of Flurry by 7.5/15s.

– Blade of the Ascended (Legendary): Updated the additional portion of the Legendary tooltip to read, “Casting a Finisher reduces the delay between your auto-attacks by 75% for 10 seconds.” This is to clarify what the effect does and does not change any functionality of the ability.
– Improved Avatar – Updated tooltip for better clarity on what is being changed.
– Avatar of the Rift – Changed Elemental damage to Non Physical damage. This is done for terminology consistency within the soul.
– Elemental Flux – Increased the Blade buff proc chance bonus to 5/10/15/20/25%.
– Burst Synergy – Reduced cooldown from 1 min to 45s.
– Improved Frost Strike – Now also increases damage from Finishers by 5/10%.
– Elemental Caress – Now increases damage by 3/6%. Up from 2/4%.
– Intensify – Modified to, “Increases Critical Hit Chance by 2/4/6% and Critical Hit Damage by 5/10/15%.
– Enhanced Burst – Now also adds a 25% chance for hitting with a Burst ability to award 1/2 combo points.


– Defensive Posture: Fixed an incorrect tooltip.
– Everything is a Weapon (Legendary) – Updated the tooltip to show the % damage increase instead of saying “double”.
– Piercing Thrust – Updated the tooltip to show the % damage increase if used after a Warlord finisher instead of saying “greatly increased”.
– One Two Punch – Reworded Base Damage to just Damage.
– Precise Strikes – Reworded Base Damage to just Damage.


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