Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Live Event: Caduto’s Maze of Madness! 05/20

PLAYER-RUN EVENT! Our beloved puzzle-guru and achievement hunter Caduto became infected with Dead Simon’s madness and created a dimensional maze to challenge all those who were brave (or foolhardy) enough! Rumor has it that some time ago, a few fearless Telarans, lured by the promising rewards, entered the maze, but none of them were ever seen again…

On Sunday, the May 20th, 2018, the maze will reopen and you’ll have a chance to prove yourselfand earn awesome rewards! You do not need to sign up for the event, just be there in time when the gates open!

A public race through a huge maze in a dimension. Will you be the first to find the way out?

Everyone who wants to participate! All you need is a character on Gelidra (EU)! A level 1 character is fine, so you can also make a new character to participate if you are from NA or Prime!

Sunday, 2018-05-20 at 12:00 noon Pacific/ 19:00 UTC (EU Server Time)

Caduto’s Dimension “Maze of Madness” on Gelidra (EU)

The first 3 who make it through the maze will be rewarded with awesome prizes! Additionally, there are 40 artifacts hidden in the maze. The person who collects most of them and successfully leaves the maze within the time limit of 1 hour, will be rewarded a special prize!
  • 1st prize
  • 2nd prize
  • 3rd prize
  • Special prize: most artifacts

Each of these will win their choice of several cool mounts (Live players) or Patron Pass (Prime players). First place will get to choose first! By the way, the person with the most artifacts could also place in the top three, earning TWO mounts (or Patron Passes). If the player is from NA, a mount can be rewarded on their home server. Sorry Prime folks, no mounts for you!
Prizes provided by Trion and the RIFT Dev team.

You prefer to watch the show instead of participating? Join the spectator area of the dimension, or join us on twitch.tv/seshatar!

There might also be giveaways on Twitch for you!


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