Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Prime: Verde Pet & New Character Slot!

We don’t have to say much about Verde, the super cute chibi dragon, other than to say LOOK AT HIS EYES! He is our gift to all Prime players to celebrate the release of Greenscale’s Blight this week!

Log in between May 16 – May 31, 2018 to claim an Itsy Bitsy Dragon Hoard!

This bag can be claimed by ONE character per Prime account. Inside the adorable Verde gazes back at you. He is bringing a gift of his own: a Platinum Planarite Pouch and 5 Sigils of Primal Valor!

What’s more, in response to popular request, and because Archonix really IS a nice guy, all Prime accounts will receive one extra character slot on Vigil with the patch on May 16th. What new character will YOU create?

Thank you for playing on Prime, and good luck on the raid!


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