Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Prime: Vigil – Greenscale Blight Is Here!

Greenscale has finally landed on Prime: Vigil! His roar echoes through the lands – he is not just hungry – he’s ravenous!

Of the Blood Storm, no dragon was more familiar to mortal races than Greenscale the Primeval, though this familiarity was a source of terror and sorrow. Greenscale would thunder across Telara, turning every forest into an aggressive, invasive force, seeding the world in vines and vegetation that could devour cities. Even Maelforge, for whom destruction was an ecstatic joy, did not cause widespread devastation on par with Greenscale’s crusade against all things civilized and soft. When Thorvin Sternhammer and his allies finally defeated and imprisoned Greenscale, countless wretches had perished between his teeth, beneath his claws, choked upon his poison breath.
The temple that imprisons him is now named Greenscale’s Blight, its original name long since lost to the ages. It is beginning to crumble under the might of the overgrowth that assails it from all sides.

There is a lot more to this epic tale. Click here to read on!

The first Dragon to challenge Prime: Vigil, Greenscale offers a great many achievements as well as the sort of loot only a greedy ancient would hoard. Remember that this dragon has allies – House Aelfwar has stormed the structure in an attempt to free Greenscale and are not at all happy to see a party of Ascended arriving to quash their plans.

You will face the luminaries of House Aelfwar before you have a chance to encounter the great dragon:
  • Duke Letareus, a brilliant warrior of unshakeable focus.
  • Infiltrator Johlen, loyal spymaster of Hylas, a saboteur of great infamy.
  • Oracle Aleria, a masked figure who channels her fury to all who challenge her.
  • Prince Hylas himself, aloof and disdainful – he will only deign to engage if you master his vassals. Hylas is the mightiest swordsman alive, bolstered by the primal might of Greenscale himself.

At last, you may encounter the ruinous power of the Primeval – and you may not live to tell the tale.
Is YOUR Guild ready for the assault? Are YOU?

Greenscale’s Blight is a Tier 1 20-person raid.

Join the saga through Looking For Raid (LFR) or enter with a raid group through the portal in Stillmoor!


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