Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Seeker – SOLVED!

DeadSimon did not think it could be done, but the Ascended have proven him wrong! The Seekerhas been SOLVED on both Live and Prime. Want help finishing yours? Read on!

We were thrilled to see so many players banding together to share information on The Seeker. Locations started to pour into the forums and Discord from all corners, and the first completion happened on May 20th, just four days after The Seeker event went live!

This is an ongoing achievement available on both Live and Prime from now until the Plane of Fire freezes over. That means you have plenty of time to tackle it, and if you are stuck or want to get on the fast track, our friends at The Ghar Station have assembled a full guide for you!

Clowd recognizes the many contributors to the task, “Special Thanks to Kitasia (who started this list, it’s part her insanity) & the members of the Rift Dimensions Addicts Discord, especially Artemesea, Furyo, Tomba, Hersh, and anyone else I hopefully haven’t forgotten!”

Click here for the Ghar Station Contraptions Guide!

Winners of the Live and Prime Seeker challenges will be announced later this week.
SIDE NOTE: We are counting ONE entry per account for the Silver Tier challenge raffle on Live. One your account is on the list, further alt completions do not add to the count.
You’ll still get the achievements on alts and of course rack up a tidy bit of coin while doing so, but ONE entry per account. Don’t grind it!


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