Sunday, July 01, 2018

Independence Week Celebration! 06/28-07/05

It’s Independence week in the United States – Prime players can earn the patriotic Golden Lifter mount in game! Live players, we’re rolling out some gorgeous new masks and backpacks just for you, plus the opportunity to upgrade the rest of your wardrobe at 25% off!

Summer starts NOW! This special promotion runs from June 28th through July 5th.

RIFT LIVE: Summer Fashion Fever!

Upgrade your style with 25% off all credit-based wardrobe items, all week long!

This summer’s style is all about the masks! We offer a look for every taste*:
⦁ NEW! Green Dragonian Mask
⦁ NEW! Gold Dragonian Mask

We know you love unusual backpack looks too, and these will be especially suited to the more Steampunk-oriented among you!
⦁ NEW! Empyrian Fuel Cell
⦁ NEW! Biofoundry Personal Power Pack

We’re bringing back some of your old favorites from Fashion Week as well!

RIFT PRIME: Earn Your Eagle!

The highly sought-after Golden Lifter features a glorious eagle motif. This bird is a scalable-speed mount, that trails a patriotic stream of red, white and blue. Even better, you can earn it for FREE through the Freedom Sparkle Festival challenge!

Talk to “Freedom Sparkle Sam” in Meridian or Sanctum to start your quest. You’ll collect sparkles by completing Expert Dungeons, winning Warfronts and completing Zone Events across Telara. The eagle is a creature of air, so you will earn even more freedom sparkles when you defeat Crucia’s forces from the Plane of Air! Even though Independence week may end in the US, you can still keep collecting freedom sparkles and turn in your quest to earn your mount. After July 5, you will no longer be able to pick up the quest, though.

*Note: we originally also included Mercutial’s Headdress and Lord Fionn’s Horned Crest as new items. However, these items were nabbed by some boglings and will be featured in a future RIFT update.


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