Wednesday, June 27, 2018

RIFT Challenge III Winners

RIFT’s third Prime Challenge ended on June 15, 2018. Now, find out who won!

Challenge III

From May 16, 2018 – June 15, 2018, Telarians were encouraged to seek out Confounded Contraptions on both RIFT Prime and Live, in addition to collecting 500 Twisted Artifacts on Prime. Players from all over participated for a chance to win great prizes.

The Seeker Winners

The Seeker portion of Challenge III asked players to collect all 100 Confounded Contraptions scattered across Mathosia. For Prime players, the prizes included the new title “The Confounded” and being the first to obtain Demonette Wings (both the mount and the wardrobe versions) ahead of the official RIFT store release. We didn’t leave Live players out of this one and they also had a chance to win the title “The Confounded”. Instead of wings they also received the much sought-after Silver Tier loyalty. Also, instead of three winners each, we decided to do five. This was largely in part due to the fact that we didn’t get enough participation in the Crafting Rifts Challenge portion of Challenge III.

First to Get The Seeker Winners (Prime)
  1. Nechi
  2. Nes
  3. Deadpool
  4. Jooliah
  5. Doranbolt
First to Get The Seeker Winner (Live)
  • Killerloose

Random The Seeker Winners (Prime)
  1. Ion
  2. Nat
  3. Erevan
  4. Deeps
AtomixRandom The Seeker Winners (Live)
  1. Mashata
  2. Chrystiel
  3. Hargibus
  4. Skylittle
  5. Lynet

Twisted Artifacts Winners

In addition to collecting Confounded Contraptions and completing Crafting Rifts, we also asked players to collect 500 Twisted Artifacts. For their efforts, they were awarded a brand new title: “The Farsighted”. This portion was only for Prime players.

First 500 Twisted Artifacts Winners (Prime)
  1. Serenity
  2. Doti
  3. Kattiyana
  4. Ibo
  5. Magous

Random 500 Twisted Artifacts Winners (Prime)
  1. Godessa
  2. Gortat
  3. Ion
  4. Jenhoo
  5. Zyri

Thank you so much to all the participants. We love putting on these challenges to help incentivize the community to work together and have fun. Please consider participating in our current Challenge IV going on from now until July 20, 2018.


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