Sunday, September 22, 2019

Battle Pass Season 2: Tendrils of Blight has begun!

Greetings, Ascended!

Prepare your weapons; the second season of Battle Pass is live!

What can you look forward to?
Progress through 30 levels (Season 2) by completing Daily and Weekly Quests
4 Daily Quests (+2 for Patrons) per Day
Quests chosen at random
3 Weekly Quests per Week
Quests chosen at random
Quest Re-roll feature
30 Levels of rewards Rewards split up between Free (no purchase required), Premium (purchased the pack) & Patron Premium (purchased the pack and have active Patron status).
Free rewards include a new artifact set which unlock their own unique rewards, individual reward charges, rune unsocketers, and more premium service items.
Premium rewards include numerous leafy cosmetics, as well as the new Wings of Life Levitate mount, bonus credits and more!
Patrons who unlock premium will also gain bonus rewards including Loyalty, premium lockboxes and more


Leafe me Alone (artifact)
Planar Essence Removal Devices
Pack of Individual Reward Charges
Suspension of Disbeleaf (artifact)
Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Dungeon Charge
Take it or Leaf it (artifact)
Underwater Mount Training
Fisher’s Friend
Branching Out (artifact)
Rune Unsocketing Apparatus
Gone with the Wig (artifact)
Warfront Charge
Made in the Shade (artifact)
Brevanic Portal Batteries
Reap the Whirlwind (artifact)
A Thyme for Everything (artifact)
Herb your Enthusiasm (artifact)

5x Bonus Credits: 300
Mote of the Greenseer
Transcendent Favor Vial
3x Bundle of Affinity
Mote of the Forest Walker
Opie’s Artifact Stash
Crafter’s Energy Infusion
Transcendent Token Tablet
Warfront Charge
Exceptional Crafting Skill Boosts
Transcendent Skill Sphere
Mote of the Warden
Mass Soul Mend
Transcendent Notoriety Vial
Mote of the Soaring Leaf
Twisted Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Celestial Crafting Rift Lure: Bountiful Life
Large Sack of Currency
Cache of Individual Reward Charges
Crown of Life
Dungeon Charge
Wings of Life
Unstable Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Wings of Life Levitate

Trove of Individual Reward Charges
3x Opie’s Artifact Stash
6x Dark Levitation Supply Crate
Orb of Loyalty: 10,000
Poison Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Orb of Loyalty: 50,000
Burning Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Nightmare Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial
Orb of Loyalty: 100,000

The end of Season 2 has not been set in stone yet, we shall announce it at least a month before. Once season 2 is finished, you will have at least 7 days to claim all of your rewards.


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