Saturday, November 30, 2019

Mechanical Monstrosities

We’re requesting help! There’s a mech right outside the walls! Please send anyone! Ascended, if you’re listening please help!

Call to Action: Mech is back! The excitement and electricity is in the air until December 1st! Test your strength against the mechs for some of these amazing items!

First up are the Empyreal Walkers! Ranging from Black to Red and Silver they make your stomps throughout Telara a footprint to leave behind!

Next is the Infinity Walkers! In Factory or Faewood colors they definitely look like something out of a sci-fi film!

If that’s not enough for you to help us we hope these pets will truely make it worth your while! With the cool Pwny 2.0 and the adorable Bleep the Holosquirrel what more could you need? We have plenty more to offer up if you just help us!

Please hurry, Ascended! We urgently need your help to fight back against the mechs! We cannot hold them off for forever!


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