Sunday, January 12, 2020

New Year, New Surprises

Greetings! We hope you had a good start into the new year. With this sale, it might start even better!

This cute little fella might be Arctic, but it makes your home warm and your journeys rich.

Arctic Kitsune – 3000 Credits

We still offer our brilliant Jingle Bell Mink for 4500 Credits and the astonishing Ice Harpy Wings for 4500 Credits!

Also still available are our Faelight Levitation Supply Crate for 450 Credits and our Mystery Box: Imperial Wonders for 400 Credits.

Are you still missing shiny and shimmering artifacts? We got you covered with our Artifact Tracking Vials!

Satchel of Nightmare Artifact Tracking Vials – 4500 Credits
Satchel of Burning Artifact Tracking Vials – 3600 Credits
Satchel of Assorted Artifact Tracking Vials – 3520 Credits
Satchel of Poison Artifact Tracking Vials – 2750 Credits
Satchel of Artifact Tracking Vials – 2250 Credits
Satchel of Unstable Artifact Tracking Vials – 2250 Credits
Satchel of Twisted Artifact Tracking Vials – 2250 Credits

Happy new year, Ascended!


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