Thursday, August 18, 2022

Patron Sale – 20%

Greetings Telarans! 🎉 The Patron sale is upon us! With all the benefits of being a Patron, you will not want to miss out on this sale! Grab your 30-Day Patron Pass today for 20% off!

The 30-Day Patron Pass offers a variety of benefits to help give you the edge in combat, some of these benefits include discounts in-game, experience boosts, and loyalty rewards.

Here are just SOME of the benefits a Patron receives:Affinity rewards
  • Store discount
  • Auction house discount
  • PvP experience boost
  • Bonus Tokens
  • PvE experience boost
  • Offline experience gain
  • Increased luck for supply crates
  • Artifact tracking

This sale will be gone in a flash so watch out for these dates:

Start: August 18 – 5:30 AM PDT and 12:30 PM UTC

End: August 23 – 5:30 AM PDT and 12:30 PM UTC

See you in Telara!


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