Monday, November 21, 2022

Head to the Races for Budgie Days!

Greetings Ascended!

We hope all of you are good friends with birds! Because it is time for a return of the Budgies!

Earn Chaos Motes by finishing special daily quests! The quest givers can be found in Meridian, 

Sanctum, and Tempest Bay.

Some seasoned professionals may be out on that racetrack, so here are some tips to be just like them:

🐦 Stay within the marked path!

🐦 White checkpoints need to be hit throughout the race.

🐦 Make sure to make it to the green boosts first to receive Terminal Velocity to make your opponents eat your dust.

🐦 Avoid Orange Traps, they’ll only slow you down!

There are several mounts to get for Chaos Motes! Do you prefer a little companion on your side? Don’t worry, we got just the right things for you!

Check out our item shop for more information.

Budgie Madness will end on November 24, 11:59PM server time, so make sure to grab as many Budgies as you can hold on to!

Hop, Sprint and Jump to that Finish Line!


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