Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Steam Autumn Deals

Hello Telarans!

We are very excited to participate in the Steam Autumn Sale! Check out our powerful packs and take advantage of their benefits to become the ultimate Ascended!

See what’s inside our ever-mysterious packs such as the Laethy’s Indulgence Power Pack or the Classic Collector’s Pack.

Enjoy these items on Steam for 50% off:

🎁 The Rising Storm Power Pack

🎁 Laethy’s Indulgence Power Pack

🎁 Classic Collector’s Pack

🎁 Ascended Essentials Pack

🎁 Upgrade Bundle Pack

🎁 Glory of the Ascended Pack

🎁 Laethy’s Fortune Pack

Discover your true power!

Start: November 22 – 10 AM PDT and 6 PM UTC

End: November 29 – 10 AM PDT and 6 PM UTC

We’ll see you on the battlefield Telarans!

Your RIFT Team ✨


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