Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Last Days Reminder for Go(a)lden Days

Hello there Telarans! Have you been saving your Go(a)lden Tickets for the big hardware prize? Be sure to keep them close because the Go(a)lden Days event won’t be around for much longer.

Continue logging into RIFT to earn as many Go(a)lden Tickets as you can to maximize your chances of winning before tomorrow, November 30, when the event ends.

🎫 Login and play

Each day, random players at random times will be selected to receive their Go(a)lden Ticket. The Go(a)lden Ticket will come in the form of a code, so be sure to keep it somewhere safe! (Lucky players will receive their code via private message or ingame mail)!


Grab your Go(a)lden Tickets because it is time to shine! Tune into the Twitch/gamigogames livestream on Twitch at December 2, 2022 at 10 AM PST, 7 PM CET, 1 PM EST for the Go(a)lden Ticket prize raffle! During the livestream, we will be calling out winning ticket numbers for the hardware prize.

You could be the next lucky winner!

We’ll see you then!

Your RIFT Team ✨


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