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Rift Dungeons: Shugo Emperor's Tomb


Deepstrike Mines is a dungeon located in the Planes of Telara, the world of the popular MMORPG RIFT. It is a challenging, multi-level dungeon that requires a group of skilled players to navigate and defeat the powerful bosses within.

The Deepstrike Mines are located in the Iron Pine Peaks zone, a frozen tundra inhabited by dwarves and other fearsome creatures. The mines themselves were once used by the dwarves to extract valuable resources, but they have since been abandoned and taken over by various hostile forces.

Players can enter the Deepstrike Mines at level 50, and it is recommended that they have a group of at least 4 players to tackle the dungeon. The dungeon consists of three main levels, each with its own set of bosses and challenges.

The first level of the Deepstrike Mines is called the Upper Depths. It is here that players will face off against the first boss, Orecrusher. Orecrusher is a giant golem created by the dwarves to help with the mining efforts, but it has been corrupted by the Plane of Earth and now serves as a guardian of the mines.

The second level of the Deepstrike Mines is called the Lower Depths. This level is home to the second boss, the Deepstrike Elementalist. The Deepstrike Elementalist is a powerful mage who has mastered the elements and uses them to defend the mines.

The final level of the Deepstrike Mines is called the Core. It is here that players will face off against the final boss, the Deepstrike Avatar. The Deepstrike Avatar is a powerful being created by the Plane of Earth to defend the mines and is not to be underestimated.

Defeating the bosses in the Deepstrike Mines will reward players with valuable loot, including rare gear and crafting materials. The dungeon is also a great source of experience points, making it a popular choice for players looking to level up their character.

Overall, the Deepstrike Mines is a challenging but rewarding dungeon for players in RIFT. It requires a skilled group of players to navigate and conquer, but the rewards make it worth the effort. If you're looking for a tough but rewarding dungeon experience, the Deepstrike Mines is definitely worth checking out.


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