Friday, June 02, 2023

The RIFT Boosts of June 2023: An Exciting Time for Adventurers


Sharpen your weapons and brace yourselves for a thrilling journey into the world of RIFT. This June, Trion Worlds is set to provide its players with a substantial power-up, offering a series of boosts that promise to enhance the gaming experience for all.

June has always been a month of opportunities in RIFT, but this time, it promises not just strength but also a tangible boost in power for its players. Let's delve deeper into the scheduled events that will make this June a momentous month for all RIFT adventurers.

A Month Packed With Events

Commencing on Friday, June 2, 2023, and culminating on Monday, July 3, 2023, players can expect a series of boosts that will significantly augment their gameplay. These boosts aren't just for solo players; guilds are also set to benefit from these enhancements.

Here's the rundown of the upcoming events in RIFT:

  1. June 2, 2023 – June 5, 2023: Prestige + Favor 50% BoostKick-off the month with a 50% boost in Prestige and Favor. This boost will enable players to elevate their in-game status and power, allowing them to enjoy the game with increased capabilities.
  2. June 9, 2023 – June 12, 2023: Player + Guild 50% BoostFollowing the initial boost, both individual players and guilds will receive a 50% boost. This enhancement will strengthen the bonds within the guilds and amplify the power of individual players.
  3. June 16, 2023 – June 19, 2023: Dungeon Currency 50% BoostThe middle of the month brings a 50% boost in Dungeon Currency. This increase will enable players to secure more resources and gear, vital for tackling the challenges that lie within the game's dungeons.
  4. June 23, 2023 – June 26, 2023: Planarite 50% BoostAs the month progresses, players will be treated to a 50% boost in Planarite. This boost will greatly aid in players' planar progression, providing a significant advantage in the RIFT's unique planar battles.
  5. June 30, 2023 – July 3, 2023: Prestige + Favor 50% BoostRounding off the month is a return to the Prestige and Favor boost, once again offering a 50% increase. This final boost of the month provides players with one last push to reach new heights of power and prestige within the RIFT universe.

With a full month of substantial boosts, RIFT is set to offer its players an unmatched gaming experience in June 2023. These events are designed to cater to all players, whether they prefer solo adventures or collaborative guild events. So, gear up, plan your strategies, and be prepared for an exciting journey in the world of RIFT. Your next adventure awaits!


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