Friday, June 02, 2023

Unicornalia: Discover Magic and Wonder in RIFT


Step into a world of fantasy and enchantment with Trion World's latest event in RIFT, Unicornalia. This unique event brings a touch of whimsy to the game, offering players the chance to encounter and adopt their very own unicorn. From now until Monday, May 29 at 23:59 server time, players can immerse themselves in the magic of Unicornalia and experience an adventure like no other.

Hooves and Horns Zone Events

During Unicornalia, players will come across the Hooves and Horns zone events scattered throughout Telara. These events invite players to dive deeper into the lore of the game, promising exciting rewards and thrilling challenges. Completing these events provides an opportunity to learn more about the game's universe and earn valuable rewards.

Chaos Motes and Daily Quests

Adding to the excitement of the event, Unicornalia introduces four daily quests that players can undertake to collect Chaos Motes. These quests, available from NPCs located in Meridian (/setwaypoint 6122 5231), Sanctum (/setwaypoint 7380 3078), and Tempest Bay (/setwaypoint 12943 11579), provide players with a chance to engage in captivating narratives and challenging tasks. Completion of these quests not only earns players Chaos Motes but also adds depth to their gameplay experience.

Unicorns: The Stars of the Event

Of course, the true stars of Unicornalia are the unicorns themselves. Players have the chance to obtain a range of beautifully designed unicorns, each with its unique flair and style. From the Cotton Candy Unicorn, with its soft, pastel hues, to the Grape Gum Drop Unicorn, with its vibrant, candy-inspired colors, and the Blue Raspberry Unicorn, with its cool, refreshing tones, there's a unicorn for every player's taste.

These mythical creatures are not just visually stunning; they also bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Adopting one of these noble beasts allows players to navigate the world of Telara in style, making each adventure even more unforgettable.


Unicornalia is more than just a Call to Action (CTA); it's an invitation to discover a world filled with magic, wonder, and the whimsy of unicorns. As players journey through Telara, completing quests and taking part in the Hooves and Horns zone events, they'll find themselves immersed in an enchanting tale that's sure to captivate their imagination. So, gear up, log in, and get ready to adopt one of these magnificent creatures. The unicorns of Unicornalia are waiting for you!


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