Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Rift's Planar Weapon Sale: An Opportunity for Players Amid Intensifying Battles


The online multiplayer game Rift is known for its immersive world of Telara, a realm where battles are a common occurrence and not for the faint-hearted. As these battles intensify, players are finding it increasingly necessary to upgrade their armory to prepare for the challenges ahead. In response to this, the game's developers have announced a Planar Weapon Sale.

The sale, which began on July 18, 2023, at 11 AM UTC, and will run until July 25, 2023, at 11 AM UTC, offers players the chance to acquire a variety of powerful weapons. These weapons, crafted from the elements, are designed to provide players with the means to face the game's challenges with confidence and strength.

During the sale, a broad range of items are available at a 30% discount. This includes the Ascended’s Eternal Axe, the Forgotten Axe of the Verdain, the Darkshell Punisher, and the Skull of the Dragon Mistress, among others. Also available are shields such as the Shield of the Evergrowing Stalagmite and the Piezoelectric Bulwark.

This event provides an opportunity for both new and experienced players to enhance their equipment and prepare for the battles that lie ahead in the lands of Telara. As the game's developers have advised, players should stay vigilant and battle bravely.

⚔️ Ascended’s Eternal Axe
⚔️ Forgotten Axe of the Verdain
⚔️ Darkshell Punisher
⚔️ Skull of the Dragon Mistress
⚔️ Totem of Tzzik’Clik
⚔️ Ascended’s Eternal Mace
⚔️ Imbued Diviner’s Telluric Mace
⚔️ Eternal Despoiler’s Greatblade
⚔️ Ascended’s Eternal Boltslinger
⚔️ Destroyer’s Charged Shortbow
⚔️ Typhoon’s Charged Glaive
⚔️ Kraken’s Spine
⚔️ Leviathan Blade
⚔️ Totem of Overgrowth
⚔️ Arcanist’s Blazing Totem
⚔️ Orb of Forbidden Secrets
⚔️ Shield of the Evergrowing Stalagmite
⚔️ Piezoelectric Bulwark
⚔️ Carapace of a Planecrawler
⚔️ Ascended’s Large Shield
⚔️ Bastion of Reason
⚔️ Tidelord’s Defender
⚔️ Ancient Stormbound Longsword
⚔️ Blade of Living Lightning
⚔️ Coldwind Spellblade
⚔️ Eternal Despoiler’s Blade
⚔️ Blade of Twisted Minds
⚔️ Wave of Madness
⚔️ Brumal Greataxe
⚔️ Praetor’s Telluric Battleaxe
⚔️ Tidal Wrath


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