Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Set Sail for Savings: Trion Worlds Announces Pirate Sale with 25% Off on RIFT


Ahoy, adventurers! Trion Worlds, the renowned developer of the popular MMORPG game, RIFT, has announced a thrilling Pirate Sale. The sale, which began on July 25, 2023, at 11 AM UTC, and will run through August 1, 2023, at 11 AM UTC, offers a 25% discount on a wide array of pirate-themed items. This event brings a fresh sea breeze to Telara, the world of RIFT, promising daring adventures and hidden treasures.

The Pirate Sale invites players to awaken their inner pirate and sail into uncharted waters of Telara. The sale sets the course for unbelievable savings on a variety of items that will enhance the gaming experience and immerse players deeper into the world of RIFT.

Among the discounted items are:
  • The Admiral’s Rig: Command your crew with authority and style with this unique item.
  • Corsair’s Cutter: Navigate the high seas of Telara with this swift and sturdy vessel.
  • Larry: This unique companion will accompany you on your daring adventures.
  • Ruffian’s Garb: Dress the part with this rugged and stylish pirate outfit.
  • Aelfwar Set Bundle: Equip yourself with this set of gear, perfect for any aspiring pirate.
  • Barrel of R’lyehian Grog: Celebrate your victories with this festive item.
  • Wheel of the Dread Helmsman: Steer your ship through the toughest storms with this reliable wheel.
  • Blue Parrot and Red Parrot: These vibrant companions will add a touch of color to your adventures.
  • Buccaneer’s Bundle: This comprehensive package includes everything a budding pirate could need.

The RIFT team encourages players to share the news of the Pirate Sale with their fellow adventurers. After all, a pirate is nothing without their crew. So, gather your friends, chart your course for savings, and set sail into the thrilling world of RIFT.

As the RIFT team signs off, they remind players to keep their compass true and their courage high. This Pirate Sale is a unique opportunity to enhance your RIFT experience and embark on new, thrilling adventures. Don't miss out on these unbelievable savings. Happy adventuring!


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