Tuesday, August 02, 2016

RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #4

  • Weapons: Reduced the hit rating of the Thundersmack Conker.
  • Weapons: The hit rating of the intermediate Thundersmack Basher is now in line with the other weapons.
  • Added Visible Phase Icon on artifact PiƱatas to aid colorblind people.
  • Quest: Estranged Brew: The item Lenny’s Finest is no longer a unique item.
  • Note: It will not stack due to technical limitations with how charged items work.
  • All Normal, Twisted, Unstable, Poison, Burning and Nightmare Artifacts no longer pop up the Need/Greed Window.
  • Fixed the Guild Finder from constantly closing.
  • Using abilities and items when using the inventory search will no longer clear out the current text search.
  • Ember Watch forge no longer sells items for Infernal Marks of Ascension.
  • A character who is a member of a starter guild and who switches factions during the game is automatically added to the appropriate starter guild of their new faction.


  • Fixed an issue with the Shadow of C’zyth getting in a state where he would not attack.
  • Threngar: The damage from Consuming Darkness has been severely lowered.
  • AFK players are now more effectively removed from matches.


  • The recipe for Cosmic Bags now creates a non-bound box that contains a Cosmic Bag. The Cosmic Bag Box can be traded with other players.
  • The ground paint effect has been removed from the following dimension items: Star Flower, Closed Star Flower, Firepetal, Tentacled Firepetal, Firepetal Stalk, Firepetal Clump, Lifespreading Podflower, Death Spine Group.


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