Thursday, June 08, 2017

RIFTSTREAM June 9: Primal Urges

Mystic just went live on the Public Test Shard! This is the final Primalist Soul to be made available for testing, along with Farseer, Predator and Primal Lord, prepping for PRIME TIME with Update 4.2!

Keyens will be on stream to chat about the ongoing evolution of the final four Primalist souls, which will be released with Update 4.2 this summer. If you aren’t familiar with these new Primalist souls yet, or if you want to ask Keyens questions about Primalists in general, tune in on Friday at 11:30 AM PDT!

You can post questions to this thread, or tweet them to us @RIFTgame.

These souls will be granted FREE to anyone who has purchased the Primalist calling, either as part of the “Primalist Calling Pack” (available on the RIFT in-game store), the “Ascended Essentials Pack” (in our web store) or in conjunction with the previously offered “Wilds Pack” (now out of circulation).

Remember, you can trade in-game plat for REX in order to buy these packs!


Friday, June 9, 2017, 11:30 AM PDT
We will simulcast on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!


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